Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bachelorette Party Cookies

Once again, please forgive the hiatus.

Here are some bachelorette party cookies I made for a friend whose sister was getting married.

I used Sugarbelle's tutorial for making the Chippendale chests.

For the bras, I have seen a lot of people use the upside down heart as bras or swimsuits. It really is a great multi-function cutter.

I got really creative with them and made each one different.

Finally, the plaques. I have this cutter from Copper Gifts. It is so perfect. There is tons of room to write on it, and it just has a really lovely shape.

To flood this cookie, I usually follow the sides, but skip the points and then drag them out with a scribe so I can get a nice crisp point. 

I free-handed all of the lettering. But I used the font Tagettes as a reference for writing the "Mrs". I practice a few times tracing it on wax paper, then freehanding it on an outline of the cookie to make sure I can see how it will line up, and then I go for it.

Happy cookie-ing.


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