Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Cookies & Tutorial

It's game day, and as usual, I'm a little late to the blogging party. This would have been useful for inspiration, oh, I don't know, a week or two ago. But here we are. The day of. So just enjoy the eye candy. Oh. And sorry if you are a Ravens fan. Both of these orders were for 49ers fans. 

I started the first order bummed that I don't have an oval cookie cutter for the 49ers logo. So, for the footballs and the first round of 49ers logos, I used my largest circle cutter. I pressed down once and then again about an inch from my original cut to get the football shape. It should look like a venn diagram, the center being the football.

After cutting and baking all of these cookies, I remembered I did have an oval cutter: the speech bubble! It just needed a little slice off the bottom to get rid of the point and it was perfect. Doh. I was actually excited to get a second chance making these so I could use that cutter. 

Excuse the terrible picture, but I wanted to show you the difference between the shapes and how much better round two went. 

One of my favorite new techniques is doing a royal icing transfer. Lettering is not my strong suit, so copying this logo would have been a nightmare. But as long as you can trace lines, you can make a transfer.

To do this you need:
An image the size you will want it on your cookie
Wax paper
A cookie sheet
Royal Icing ready to go in a piping bag

So tape down your image onto a cookie sheet. Here is what I used so I could get a bunch at a time:

Then tape a piece of wax paper over the whole thing. 

Next, for this logo specifically, trace over the black outlines using a stiff black icing. I would suggest letting that dry for about 30 minutes to an hour just to prevent bleeding. Next fill in the inside of the logo with white medium consistency icing. 

Let this dry overnight or for at least 8 hours. It needs to be really solid. 

Finally, carefully and slowly peel off the wax paper from the transfer.

You can just drop these right onto wet icing

And here are some lovely instagram photos of round 2, where I also simplified the footballs just a little bit:

Happy Super Bowl/Beyonce Bowl/Puppy Bowl, everyone! Leave me comments with what you are eating on this triple threat holiday.

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