Monday, October 1, 2012

Martini Cookies

This past week I had a cookie order for Martini Cookies.

Now, I am not new to making drink cookies, but I am new to making Martini Cookies.
It is really hard to show a clear liquid on a cookie. I didn't it to look like the glass was empty, but martini's don't have color. So I decided to make the glass part white and tint the liquid slightly green, like the olives were reflecting through the drink.

I thought that these would look the best with a black outline. So my icing colors were:
Black piping
White flood
Green-ish White Flood
Green 20-Second
Red 20-Second

I made myself a cookie cutter template using a plastic binder divider.

Then made the dough, cut them out, and baked 'em up.

I was a little worried about them breaking or me screwing something up, so I always recommend making a few extras.

I had extra dough because the order was only for a dozen cookies. So I made some olive cookies by squeezing a round cutter into an oval shape. Then I still had some extra, so I froze the rest of the dough.

I started by making some royal icing transfers. I lined a cookie sheet with wax paper. Then I piped red dots all over the sheet. I let that dry for about an hour. Then I went back with the green 20-second icing and made the red of the olive shape.  Then let this dry overnight.

For the cookies, I started by outlining the martini cookies in black and let that dry for about an hour. Then I flooded the greenish-white section and dropped on the olive royal icing transfers. Then let that dry for a bit. Then I flooded the white parts and let that dry for a few hours, preferably overnight.

I finished them off by painting on the toothpick. To do this, grab an unused paintbrush, your gel food coloring and some water. Mix about equal parts water and food coloring (For this, a drop each is plenty). Then just paint lightly. You really need to make sure that your icing is very dry to do this or else you will poke holes in your icing.

Finally, I wanted to make them pop a little more so I re-outlined them in black. I thought this also helped to make it look like the olives and toothpick and liquid were inside the glass. 

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  1. I LOVE THESE... gonna try to make them for a Mad Men watching party!
    -Jenna H