Sunday, September 16, 2012

English Muffins, Butter, and StumbleUpon

I have a confession to make.

I'm addicted to StumbleUpon. If you don't know what StumbleUpon is, its probably best you don't find out.

But if you are itching with curiosity... It is the best website in the whole entire world, because it links you to endless amounts of websites that you might like. It is like your favorite blog being updated every second. It customizes the internet to help you find things you like. Its amazing, but the biggest time suck of my life (aka. hours a day...) Check it out at your own risk:

The one great positive to StumbleUpon is that it it gives me TONS of recipes and pretty pictures of cake and food (maybe not a positive for my waistline?). This week when I was stumbling, I came across a recipe for English Muffins. I actually didn't really know that you could make your own English muffins, and I really really didn't know that they were made on a griddle or frying pan. I assumed they were baked. But after thinking about that, I realized that of course they are done on a griddle, they are crispy on both sides and there is the magical "waffle iron flip bubble" in the middle. You know, that bubble that happens when you flip batter over and you get a nice fluffy baked good. Mmm.

I didn't love the recipe it gave me (weird ingredients, rolling pins... ugh) so I found another on Google.

I ended up trying this recipe one out.
It has a lot of basic ingredients. Alton's gets good reviews, but I didn't want to have to run out to the grocery store again to get powdered milk.
The recipe is very easy, which is nice. Its one bowl, a saucepan, and the griddle, which is right up my alley (aka. less to clean).

To get their super round shape, you can use rings, I tried them, but ended up finding it easier to go without. I also didn't mind having a little wonky muffins.


English Muffins

Yield: 8-14 muffins

4 TBSP (1/2 stick) butter
1 TBSP sugar
2 cup milk
1 package active dry yeast
1 large egg, beaten
4 cup flour
1 1/2 tsp salt
2 tsp baking powder dissolved in 1 tablespoon of water
cornmeal for dusting

"Combine the butter and sugar in a small sauce pan, stirring to dissolve the sugar. Add the milk, stir it and remove it from the heat. Stir in the yeast and the egg.

Combine the flour and salt in mixing bowl. Add the milk mixture and stir till it’s all well combined. Cover and set aside for 1-1/2 hours, or refrigerate overnight (removing it from the fridge an hour before cooking).

Heat a griddle or a skillet over medium heat. If you’re using rings, butter them. Stir the dissolved baking powder into the batter. Dust the griddle or skillet with corn meal. Scoop-pour about 1/4-cup portions onto the griddle, free form or in rings. Cook for about seven minutes. Flip them and continue cooking till done, 7 to 10 more minutes.

Allow them to rest for at least 10 minutes, pry in half with a fork, toast and serve with butter, honey, or jam, or beneath Canadian bacon, poached egg and Hollandaise sauce."

My dad liked them, I thought they were good too. They are nice to know how to do if you don't want to get the ones from the store with a ton of preservatives. It was a little hard to tell when they were done. I kept pulling mine off the griddle, and then dropping them back on because I felt like they were still a little mushy inside. In the end, I really recommend toasting them. I just think they are better that way. 

When I made it I go 14.5 muffins. So be ready for that.

I was especially excited to have stumbled upon this english muffin recipe because a few days ago, I flavored my own butter!!!!!

I'm not going to lie, I was way more excited about this than anyone else. Partially because I FLAVORED MY OWN BUTTER, also because I didn't use a recipe. I always follow recipes, but this time I just went with my gut. I have read about doing this before, but here is all the breakdown you need.

Soften your butter, but don't melt it. Either let it sit on the counter all day, or speed things up by putting it in the microwave on half power for 30 second bursts or so.

Then dump in whatever you like and mix it up. You can do this by hand if its soft enough, or if you want use a mixer.

Then scoop out the goodness into a small ramekin and let it pop that baby back in the fridge.

For my recipe, I put in:
Chopped Garlic
Garlic and Herb Seasoning
Parmesan Cheese
Onion Salt
Olive Oil (to make it spreadable!)

I have stinky breath, but it is so worth it.
This butter is actually perfect for garlic bread, so that's definitely happening for dinner tonight...

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Enjoy your week!

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