Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Decorating Cookies - Bake at 350

Hey guys. Quick post today.

For my birthday, I received the brand spankin new book Decorating Cookies by Bridget Edwards, the author of the blog Bake at 350.

She is pretty much my favorite blogger. Every post is hilarious, every cookie is adorable, but most of all she is the nicest. And how do I know this? We had a twitter conversation on my birthday. I was in heaven. Pretty much the best birthday gift ever (other then upgrading my blackberry to an iPhone.... Actually, no. It was better.) Check it out. She is @BakeAt350tweets and I'm @JoyServedWarm (She even complimented my lipstick.... eee!)

Bake at 350
Isn't she the cutest???

Anyways. The book is amazing. If you are a beginner at decorating cookies and want to learn a ton, but also want some nice easy cookies to start with that will look great even when they are made by you, this is your book.

There are over 60 cookie ideas and a handful of recipes and tons and tons of helpful tips. I couldn't recommend this enough.

You can buy it on Amazon (here) for a REALLY great price (I thought it should be worth double with all of the valuable cookie knowledge that Bridget was dishing out).

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