Friday, August 17, 2012

Chocolate Porsche

My boyfriend loves cars. No. I mean. He LOVES cars. Probably more than I love baking (which is a ton). He loves everything about them. They way they smell, the way they handle. He loves old ones and new ones. In particular though, he loves the Porsche.

So, I figured that for my first chocolate painting, the Porsche logo would be great. It has the perfect amount of detail to try and just 3 colors (bingo!).

So first pick the image you want to use.
 Then flip it horizontally. And print it out.
Next, tape the image to the back of a cookie sheet or a counter. Then tape a piece of wax paper or a transparency sheet on top of it. (The wax paper works great for large blocky images, but if you have details, you will need a transparency sheet to see them).

Then melt your chocolate in microwave safe bowls or on a double boiler.

Then starting with the darkest color, work on your "foreground". I started with the black areas. I outlined the logo using a #2 or #3 tip. Then I let this cool and set.

I next went back in with the red color. For the red, I melted it in a bowl and just spooned it on. Because I was just filling in areas.

Then I repeated that step with the yellow.

Finally. I smothered yellow chocolate over the whole back just to make sure that there were no parts that could been seen through and so that it would be sturdy enough to pick up.

Here is the link to a more detailed tutorial. It is the one I followed. Their final product looks much better then mine does.

And here is the final result:

The Porsche logo made of chocolate
Overall, this technique worked really well. There were some air bubbles that I could have avoided if I had been more careful and really pressed my chocolate down and gone slower.

Now, I didn't to just hand him a slab of okay tasting chocolate and say "Love you!" So I made a cake and threw it on.

Big secret. My boyfriend doesn't really like cake. So I made that part for me. Whoops.

My foot and his foot snuck their way into my photo of the cake. Whoops.

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  1. This is so awesome! You're amazing, Jessie. Glad to hear that you're taking this hobby somewhere and really enjoying it. I will definitely be visiting this blog again. :)